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Gary Hoey with Orphan Jon and the Abandoned @ the Zoo Bar

May 8, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

$15 – $18



“Neon Highway Blues”, Gary’s latest release, carries its 11 tracks with the confidence and assuredness of a veteran, and the freshness of someone who’s still in the process of discovery and refinement — with the help of famous friends such as Eric Gales, Lance Lopez, Josh Smith and Hoey’s 17-year-old son Ian Hoey. The release of “Neon Highway Blues” will, of course, take Gary Hoey back on the highways and byways for plenty of touring and playing, well, the blues — and more. He can’t yet predict where the next road will take him, but Hoey is confident it will be an adventure.

“It’s great to hear Gary sing and play the blues with his trademark intensity, feel and authenticity. And the guitar tones…both vintage and modern at the same time.” – Joe Satriani

In 2012, he produced and co-wrote The Queen Of Metal, Lita Ford’s latest release “Living Like Runaway” for SPV records to rave reviews. As Music Director for Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp, he’s worked with legends like Joe Perry, Roger Daltrey, Yes, blues icon Johnny Winter, Robben Ford, Leslie West, and KISS drummer, Peter Criss. And he has toured and traded licks with the likes of Jeff Beck, Brian May of Queen, Ted Nugent, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Peter Frampton, and Dick Dale.

With a collection of 21 albums it’s no wonder Gary Hoey is listed as one of the top 100 guitarists of all time.  The world renowned rock guitarist’s first break came in 1987 when Ozzy Osbourne liked Hoey’s tape enough to fly him to LA for an audition and encouraging him to move to the West Coast. In 1990 Hoey was signed to Reprise Records with a short lived band called Heavy Bones but followed up in 1993 with a solo album and Gary’s cover of “Hocus Pocus” rocketed into the Billboard’s Top 5 Rock Tracks.  He went on to score the successful “Endless Summer II” soundtrack for New Line Cinema and in 1995 started a trilogy of “Ho!Ho! Hoey,” a collection of instrumental Christmas classics that continues each year in his Rockin Holiday shows.  And in 2013’s “Deja Blues” he came home to the blues.  Gary’s release in 2016, “Dust & Bones,” displayed an exuberant fusion of blues and rock. But whatever style he plays, one thing is certain, Gary Hoey is a fiery, charismatic player who connects with the crowd.

Whether he’s playing scorching originals or classic rock covers, his solos are thrilling and reminiscent of Clapton or Stevie Ray in their fiery youth. One thing that remains consistent is Hoey’s impassioned command of the guitar. He can attack his instrument with feral intensity and then play something very soft and achingly beautiful. This ability to mix feeling, phrasing, technique and tone is the true mark of a master guitarist

— Gary Hoey Web site


Orphan Jon and the Abandoned 

Orphan Jon and The Abandoned is an American Roots & Blues band from Southern California. Recently signed to SoCal’s highly respected and well established blues label Rip Cat Records; a label that has such legendary and iconic blues artists as The Blasters, Kid Ramos, Lynwood Slim, Barry Levenson, White Boy James, KK Martin, Blue Lunch, as well as contemporary artists as John Clifton, Black Market III, Alastair Greene, Johnny Mastro and Mamas Boys, Jade Bennett and Gino Matteo. OJATA is quickly becoming a go to band because of the high energy and passion they display while performing. Roots and Blues is their life blood, and it shows in their ever popular originals; and the few selective covers, they bring to every show. It is the bands goal to captivate the audience from the first note struck until the last chord is played while entertaining them both musically and visually. OJATA simply put, is a very unique band. Unique in that they express themselves in such a way; that’s so different, that many have said after seeing them perform live, they’ve never seen nor heard anyone like them before. And not only do they capture the traditional fans of the blues; which they so love and cherish, but also have been gaining more and more of a younger audience due to the Roots style of music they showcase everywhere they’ve been honored to play. When you see and hear OJATA you will be taken on a journey through the ups and downs, the twists and turns, peaks and valleys of the vibrancy of love and everyday living through their music. They are a rare breed full of spirit and charisma, and they put on a show that is both energetic and captivating with a tight sound like no other.
Front man Jon English, can be moving, emotional, heartfelt and intense at one point, and then soothing, soulful, lustful and desiring at another point in both his body language, lyrics and vocals.
Add to Jon’s performance the journeymen experiences of Bruce Krupnik and Brett Cox; with htheir flowing, rhythmic, harmonious blend of guitar string manipulations that invites your soul on a cosmic colorful expedition to places you might’ve never been before, the rhythm section of Tony Jack Grigsby; with his steady uplifting, driving, both subtle and powerful, bass playing that takes your heartbeat on a vast rousing journey, and Ed Michaels; with his energetic, captivating, influential dynamics of the drums and you have The Abandoned.

Orphan Jon and The Abandoned is a band that totally captures the essence of what Americana Music is all about; hard work, rough life, grinding days, moving souls, touching hearts and heartfelt love, day to day, and all the time.

Singer/Songwriter Jon English aka “Orphan Jon” resides in Bakersfield, California. He is the face, vibe, heart and soul of OJATA. He’s a passionate soul, and it shows in his performances and by his songwriting. Roots and Blues is his true love. Although he doesn’t have the vast years of experience in the blues genre as most of today’s popular music artists, it most certainly can be said that he has lived the blues in a way unlike any other. Born in a county hospital in Bakersfield, Ca. in the summer of 1965, he was abandoned along with his 3 older brothers before the age of one. Placed in an orphanage by the state and bounced in and out of several homes before finally being adopted at the age of 10, he learned at an early age what being alone, forsaken, abused, and dealing with the troubles of life truly feels like. Things never did get better for him even after he was adopted. His adopted father was rarely around, and his adopted mother was very abusive during the 5 years she was in his life, both physically and emotionally. And though she treated him in such a manner; she still had a huge positive influence on his musical life. Because of her love for music she would encourage him to sing and perform the songs of the artists she liked. This is something he would do often. For it was during these moments; that he discovered, there would be some normalcy and relief from the abuse he suffered almost daily. And it was during these times she showed him a little love, compassion and motherly affection. She introduced him to the poetic harmonies of The Everly Brothers and The Temptations, the cool surfer music of the Beach Boys, the soulful melodies of Motown’s Marvin Gaye and Mr. Dynamite himself, The Godfather of Soul, Mr. James Brown. But, it wasn’t until he would sneak out of his bed late on a Saturday night to catch a glimpse of the popular show Saturday Night Live that he discovered the music that would years later help him cope with the anger, bitterness, sadness and emptiness of his youth. “Joliet” Jake and Elwood Blues debuted on SNL in January of 1976. They were something he had never seen nor heard of before. Both their music and stage presence quickly captured his attention. And it was then that he found the music of his life. The passion, the soul, and pure self-expression of the music got a hold of him then, and it has never let go since. During his late teen years, he decided to not let the anguishes of his childhood be a negative in his life anymore. Instead, he took the past wrongs and began to make them into future rights. Nevermore allowing the bad to influence him, he turned his life around and discovered how he can tell his story in music and create in song what was hidden away from all to see and hear for many years, until now. His music is his self-expression of his life. He has said, “I was a motherless child that eventually found his mother. A mother for my early abused life, a mother for the hardships that abandonment brought, a mother that gave to me her unwavering love. This mother will never leave or forsake me; she will always be there for me, even when I hadn’t met her yet, she was there, she was always there, she is the Blues”.

— Orphan Jon and the abandoned Web site 


May 8, 2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
$15 – $18


Zoo Bar
136 N 14th St
Lincoln, NE United States
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